Juli Plant Grainger Econometrics Workshop

Important note:

The Fall 2021 Econometrics Workshop meets Fridays at 1:30 pm in 7142 Social Sciences

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/3/21 Northwestern The Local Approach to Causal Inference under Network Interference (with Max Tabord-Meehan)
9/10/21 Vanderbilt Diagnostic Testing of Finite Moment Conditions for the Consistency and Root-N Asymptotic Normality of the GMM and M Estimators
9/17/21 none none  
9/24/21 *VIRTUAL* Penn State  Asymptotic Representations for Sequential Statistical Decision Problems
10/1/21 *VIRTUAL* Riis-Vestergaard Sørensen, Jesper Univ of Copenhagen Analytic and Bootstrap-after-Cross-Validation Methods for Selecting Penalty Parameters of High-Dimensional M-Estimators (with Denis Chetverikov)
10/8/21 *VIRTUAL* UC Santa Cruz Network Cluster-Robust Inference
10/15/21 UW-Madison  
10/22/21 UW-Madison Comparing variance estimators: a test-based relative-efficiency approach
10/29/21 *VIRTUAL* Cornell  
Christensen, Timothy
11/12/21 UC-Berkeley Simulated maximum likelihood (SML) estimation of supermodular complete information discrete games with many players
11/19/21 Colorado Boulder Short and Simple Confidence Intervals when the Directions of Some Effects are Known
11/26/21 none none  
12/3/21 UC-Berkeley  
12/10/21 Michigan State University  
12/17/21 *VIRTUAL* Preinerstorfer, David Université libre de Bruxelles
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/4  Chicago (Booth School of Business)
9/18  Oxford University
9/25  Ohio State University The autoregressive sign process
10/2  SUNY Albany
10/9  UW-Madison Birth, Death, and Record Linkage: Survival Analysis in the Presence of Record Linkage Error
10/23  London School of Economics
10/30  University College London Bounding Treatment Effects by Pooling Limited Information across Observations
11/6  University of York
11/13  University College London
11/20  University College London
4-Dec  University of New South Wales Identification and Estimation of Heterogeneous Dynamic Causal Effects using Local Projection Instrumental Variable
11-Dec  University of Groningen
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
2/28 Columbia University Inference by Stochastic Optimization: A Freelunch Bootstrap
4/17 Ohio State University The Autogressive Sign Process
4/24 Chicago Booth Deep Learning for Estimation and Inference
5/1 SUNY Albany Estimating the Variance of a Combined Forecast: Bootstrap-Based Approach
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/20 Lixiong Li Johns Hopkins University
10/4 Debopam Bhattacharya University of Cambridge The Empirical Content of Discrete Choice Models
10/25 Anna Bykhovskaya UW-Madison The Evolution of Networks: Prediction and Estimation
Robert de Jong Ohio State University The Autoregressive Sign Process
11/8 Tiemen Woutersen University of Arizona Increasing the Power of Moment-based Tests
11/15 Vira Semenova University of California- Berkeley Machine Learning for Set-Identified Linear Models
11/22 Guillaume Pouliot Harris School of Public Policy Instrumental Variables Quantile Regression with Multivariate Endogenous Variable
12/6 Xinwei Ma UCSD
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/1 HyunSeung Kang UW- Madison
3/8 Konrad Menzel NYU Bootstrap with Cluster-Dependence in Tow or More Dimensions
4/19 Marcelo Moreira Fundacao Getulio Vargas
4/26 Gregory Cox Columbia A Simple Unformly Valid Test for Inequalitites