Industrial Organization Seminar

Fall 2019

The IO Seminar meets Wednesdays at 3:45pm in 7142 Social Sciences


9/11: Marc Rysman, Boston University – “Demand for Performance Goods: Import Quotas in the Chinese Movie Market”

10/2: Yu Ding, UW-Madison

10/9: Robert Town, UT-Austin

10/16: Ying Fan, University of Michigan

10/30: Yue Qiu, UW-Madison

11/13: Adam Smith, UW-Madison

12/4: Ignacio Cuesta, Stanford

12/11: Christopher Neilson, Princeton

Spring 2019

3/13: Adam Dearing, Ohio State University – “Pseudo-Value Functions and Closed-Form CCP Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models”

3/27: Alejandro Molnar, Vanderbilt “The Marginal Congestion of a Taxi in New York City”

4/3: Joel Waldfogel, University of Minnesota – “Personalized Pricing on Campus”

4/10: Andrew Sweeting, University of Maryland – “Dynamic Oligopoly Pricing with Asymmetric Information”

4/17: Dan Goetz, University of Toronto – “Dynamic Bargaining and Scale Effects in the Broadband Industry”

4/24: Lauren Bergquist, University of Michigan – “Pass-through, Competition, and Entry in Agricultural Markets: Experimental Evidence from Kenya”

5/1: Brad Larsen, Stanford

5/13: Daniel Xu, Duke: “Notching R&D Investment with Corporate Income Tax Cuts in China”