Explore Careers in Economics

In the Economics Career Development Office, we are commonly asked about what careers our graduates pursue. Majoring in economics is like majoring in critical thinking. You are well-prepared to apply your coursework to a variety of careers and industries. Sometimes the range of choices makes it difficult to decide what you would like to do after graduation. We have found that by understanding what skills you have, what other graduates have done, and what you enjoy doing, you can begin to define your career goals!

Below, we highlight career paths of economics alumni, career guides for the most common industries economics students pursue, skills gained through studying economics, and additional career exploration resources. If you would like to talk to someone about your career interests, make an appointment with us!


Career Guides for Economics Students

Here are common industries economics students go into. This is not a complete list of everything you can do by studying economics. Think of it as a starting point. Each area lists helpful information for that industry including, potential courses, student organizations, and sample job titles.

Please note that these are guides only; you are not required to take all the courses that are listed or join any student organizations listed.

Alumni Career Paths