Juli Plant Grainger Public Workshop

Important note:

The Public Economics Workshop meets Tuesdays at 3:45 pm in Room 7142 Social Science (Morton Room)
Faculty organizer: Naoki Aizawa

*Please note the Public Workshops have moved from Room 8417 to Room 7142 for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters.

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
2/27 Joshua Gottlieb University of Chicago Market Size and Trade in Medical Services
3/5 Koichiro Ito University of Chicago Choosing Who Chooses: Selection-Driven Targeting in Energy Rebate Programs
3/12 Jacob Goldin University of Chicago Child Allowances and Labor Supply: Evidence from the California Young Child Tax Credit
3/19 Maya Rossin-Slater Stanford Germs in the Family: The Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Intra-Household Disease Spread
3/21 (11am-12:15pm in Grainger 3560) Allison Shertzer Federal Reserve, Philadelphia The Price of Housing in the United States, 1890-2006
4/2 Xavier Jaravel London School of Economics Five Facts about MPCs
4/23 Hoyt Bleakley Michigan Voting with their Feet: Differential Migration of the Free in the Antebellum United States
4/30 Benjamin Schoefer UC Berkeley TBD
5/7 TBD
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/12 Tim Layton Harvard Adverse Selection and (un)Natural Monopoly in Insurance Markets
9/19 Jim Sallee Berkeley Who Will Pay for the Energy Transition? Affordability, Efficiency, and Electricity Price Regulation
9/26 Katsuhiro Komatsu UW-Madison Temporary Layoffs and Unemployment Insurance
10/03 Lois Miller UW-Madison Switching Schools: Effects of College Transfers
10/10 Ray Kluender Harvard A Bittersweet Jubilee: Evidence on the Effects of Randomized Medical Debt Relief
10/17 Jeremy Kirk UW-Madison The Impact of Parental Resources on Human Capital Investment and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Great Recession
10/24 Elise Marifian UW-Madison As Seen On TV: The Effects of Advertising on Demand for College
10/31 Stuart Craig UW-Madison Who Bears the Burden of Rising Health Care Spending in the US? Evidence from Hospital Mergers
11/07 Stephanie Owen Colby Experimental Evidence on the Effects of College Quality on Educational Attainment
11/14 Rossella Calvi Rice University Terms of Engagement: Migration, Dowry, and Love in Indian Marriages
11/21 NONE - -
11/27 MONDAY -Joint with Labor Workshop Bruce Meyer University of Chicago Poverty in the U.S.
11/28 NONE - -
12/05 Joe Hotz Duke Race Differences in Impact of Parental Resources on Children’s College Attendance & Its Financing
12/12 Nicole Maestas Harvard Social Security Disability Reform and Implications for Employment
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/21 Judd Boomhower UCSD Property Insurance Markets and Climate Change Adaptation
3/28 Marcus Casey UIC Distinguishing Causes of Racial Change: A Nearest Neighbor Design
4/04 Cormac O'Dea *GRAINGER VISITOR* Yale Intergenerational Altruism and Transfers of Time and Money: A Life Cycle Perspective
4/18 Dean Corbae UW-Madison Equilibrium Evictions
4/25 Winnie van Dijk *GRAINGER VISITOR* Harvard Conviction, Incarceration, and Recidivism: Understanding the Revolving Door
5/02 Matthew Johnson Duke Innovation and the Enforceability of Noncompete Agreements
5/09 Dena Lomonosov Wisconsin (Real Estate Dept) The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Residential Housing Choices
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/13 Itzik Fadlon UC San Diego Measuring Valuation of Liquidity with Penalized Withdrawals
9/20 Lee Lockwood University of Virginia Health Insurance Increases Financial Risk
9/27 Helen Levy Michigan The Impact of Eligibility for Medicaid versus Subsidized Private Health Insurance on Medical Spending, Self-Reported Health, and Public Program Participation
10/04 Hae-Young Hong UW-Madison Estimating the Distribution of Elasticity of Medical Expenditure Using a Notch in Out-of-Pocket Cost
10/11 Long Hong UW-Madison Coworker sorting, learning, and wage inequality
10/18 Tomas Larroucau ASU Dynamic College Admissions
10/25 Elise Marifian UW-Madison Cost Uncertainty, Financial Aid, and the Enrollment Choices of Low-Income Students
11/01 Nathan Seegert Utah The Elasticity of Corporate Taxable Income Across Countries
11/08 Silvia Vannutelli Northwestern From Lapdogs to Watchdogs
11/15 Pengpeng Xiao Duke Wage and Employment Discrimination by Gender in Labor Market Equilibrium
11/29 Luca Flabbi University of North Carolina Working and Saving Informally: The Link between Labor Market Informality and Financial Exclusion
12/06 Andreas Kostol ASU WP Carey School of Business Layoff Costs, Insurance and Precautionary Job Mobility
12/13 Ami Ko Georgetown Marital Transitions, Housing, and Long-Term Care in Old Age
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/14/2021 Dartmouth
The Effects of Urban Renewal Programs on Gentrification and Inequality
9/21/2021 Michigan Evaluating Minimum Taxes and Tax Harmonization
9/28/2021 UW-Madison
Selection in Disability Insurance
10/5/2021 Berkeley Equilibrium Effects of Food Labeling Policies
10/19/2021 UW-Madison Optimal Taxation of Families over the Life Cycle
10/26/2021 MIT Sloan  Efficiency in Household Decision Making: Evidence from the Retirement Savings of US Couples
11/2/2021 FRB NY The Work-Leisure Trade-off: Identifying the Heteroogeneity
11/9/2021 Univ of Virginia Air Pollution and Economic Opportunity in the United States
11/30/21 Pope, Nolan Univ of Maryland Making Teaching Last: Long-Run Value-Added
12/7/21 Mukherjee, Anita UW-Madison Set it and Forget it? Financing Retirement in an Age of Defaults
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/2 Columbia
3/9 Dartmouth
3/16 Princeton
Local Economic and Political Effects of Trade Deals: Evidence from NAFTA
3/22 (Monday) Bocconi
4/6 (begins at 5.45 pm) University of New South Wales
4/13 University of Western Ontario
4/19 (Monday at 11 am) University College London
4/26 (Monday at 11 am) Aarhus
5/11 Purdue
Teacher Performance Pay in the United States: Incidence and Adult Outcomes (co-authored with Kevin Mumford)
Date Speaker Institute Presentation Title
09/15 Amherst College
09/29 Dartmouth College
10/06 Stanford
Subsidy Targeting with Market Power
10/13 UW-Madison
Employee-Side Discrimination: Beliefs and Preferences
10/20 UW-Madison
Place-Based College Admission, Migration and the Spatial Distribution of Human Capital: Evidence from China
10/27 University of Michigan
You Can't Handle the Truth: The Effects of the GI Bill on Higher Education and Earnings
11/03 University of Rochester
11/09 (Monday, at noon) University of Oxford
11/17 UC-Berkeley
Spillovers from voluntary employer minimum wages (joint with Clemens Noelke and David Weil)
11/23 (Monday at noon) LSE
12/7 (Monday at noon) Erasmus University
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/10 University of Michigan
3/24 University of Michigan Corporate Taxation and the Distribution of Income
3/31 University of Rochester
4/7 Georgetown University
4/14 University of Arizona
4/21 Harvard
4/28 Stanford
5/5 UCLA
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/10 University of Washington The Welfare Costs of Gross Receipts Taxes
9/17 Washington University STL What Accounts for the Racial Gap in Time Allocation and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital?
9/24 Cornell Discrete Choice under Risk with Limited Consideration
10/1 Stanford The Contribution of High-Skilled Immigrants to Innovation in the United States
10/8 UCSD Field of Study in High School and Career Outcomes
10/15 UW-Madison Sorting into Neighborhoods: The Role of Minimum lot Sizes
10/22 Brown University Subways and Urban Air Pollution
10/29 University of Chicago Beyond Health: The Welfare Effects of Disability Insurance
11/5 UW-Milwaukee Genetic Endowments, Income Dynamics, and Wealth Accumulation Over the Life-Cycle
11/12 Aarhus University
11/19 Vanderbilt Who Benefits from Federal Welfare Spending? Evidence from the Introduction of Progressive Cost Sharing
12/3 UC- Berkeley
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/5 Federal Reserve Bank Do Consumer Beliefs about Credit Conditions Predict Car Purchases?
4/9 Duke Housing Discrimination and the Pollution Exposure Gap in the United States
4/16 University of Michigan Closing the Gap: The Effect of a Targeted, Tuition-Free Promise on College Choices of High-Achieving, Low-Income Students
4/23 University of Toronto An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfect Competition
4/30 University of Michigan Firm-Level Responses to Immigration: the Extensive Margin