Juli Plant Grainger Theory Seminar

Important note:

The Theory Seminar meets Fridays at 3:45 pm in Room 7142 Social Science (Morton Room)
Faculty organizer: Matteo Camboni

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/1 Annie Liang Northwestern The Value of Context: Human versus Black Box Evaluators
3/22 Jacopo Perego Columbia Competitive Markets for Personal Data
4/5 Laura Doval Columbia The Core of Bayesian Persuasion
4/9 Jean-Marc Robin Sciences Po, Paris Individual Wage Dynamics, Continuous Firm Types and Path Dependence
4/12 Dilip Abreu NYU Bargaining with Multiple Buyers
4/19 Wouter Dessein Columbia Firm Concentration, Innovation and the Dynamics of Competitive Advantage
4/26 David Frankel Melbourne Business School
5/3 TBD
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/15 Ben Brooks University of Chicago Robust predictions with restricted information
9/22 Ravi Jagadeesan Stanford University Auctions with Withdrawal Rights: A Foundation for Uniform Price (joint work with Alexander Haberman)
9/29 NONE - -
10/06 Joel Watson UC San Diego Contractual Chains (new version)
10/13 NONE - -
10/20 Sylvain Chassang Princeton Scoring and Cartel Discipline in Procurement Auctions
10/27 NONE - -
11/03 Juuso Toikka The Wharton School Randomization and the Robustness of Linear Contracts
11/10 Evan Sadler Columbia University Making a Swap: Network Formation with Increasing Marginal Costs
11/17 NONE - -
12/01 Selman Erol Carnegie Mellon University Regulating Clearing in Networks
12/08 Joyee Deb Yale #Change
12/15 NONE - -
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/24 Navin Kartik Columbia University Beyond Unbounded Beliefs: How Preferences and Information Interplay in Social Learning
3/31 Romans Pancs ITAM at Northwestern University One Man, One Vote
4/07 Marco Ottaviani Bocconi University Grantmaking (with Jerome Adda)
4/12 (Wednesday) John Hatfield University of Texas, Austin Facilitating Collusion with Spot-Price Contracting
4/21 Fernando Vega-Redondo Bocconi University Revealing information -- or not -- in a social network of traders
4/28 Yeon-Koo Che Columbia University Predictive Enforcement
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/16 Simon Board UCLA Experimentation on Networks
9/30 Rajiv Vohra Brown Signaling, Screening, and Core Stability
10/7 Chen Lyu UW-Madison Information Design for Platform Recommendations
10/14 Erik Madsen NYU Incentive Design for Talent Discovery
10/21 Emir Kamenica Chicago Booth Comparison of signals (w/ Ben Brooks & Alex Frankel)
10/28 Nima Haghpanah Penn State Stable Segmentations
11/04 Axel Anderson Georgetown The Comparative Statics of Sorting
12/02 In-Koo Cho Emory Learning Underspecified Models
12/09 Marina Halac Yale Pricing for Coordination
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/17 Gary Baker UW-Madison Consumer Theory for Cheap Information
10/8 Yixi Yang UW-Madison
10/15 Ziwei Wang UW-Madison Rationalizable Stability in Matching with One-Sided Incomplete Information
Wednesday 11/10 *Begins at noon* Shuhei Otani UW-Madison Transparency, Informed Large Dealers, and Treasury Revenue
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/5 UW-Madison
3/26 UW-Madison
4/2 UW-Madison
4/16 UW-Madison
4/30 UW-Madison
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
10/16 UW-Madison
12/4 Ziwei Wang and Yixi Yang UW-Madison Short & informal talks about their research
12/16 This seminar will begin at 12 pm IESE
12/18 Yue Li and Shuhei Otani UW-Madison
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
2/28 UT-Austin Test Design Under Falsification
3/6 Cambridge Large Scale Experiments on Networks
3/27 IESE Nash Bargaining with Endogenous Outside Options
4/10 MIT
4/17 Caltech
4/24 London Business School
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/20 UW-Madison Stability in Matching Markets with Peer Effects
10/4 University of Chicago
10/18 Toulouse School of Economics Learning while Bargaining: Experimentation and Coasean Dynamics
10/25 University of Pennsylvania
11/1 Chicago Booth
11/8 UW-Madison Bayesian Persuasion in the Digital Age
11/15 UW-Madison Information Design and Sensitivity to Market Fundamentals
12/6 UW-Madison Intermediated Asymmetric Information, Compensation and Career Prospects
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/5 Georgetown Market Supply
3/29 UCLA
4/12 Barnard College Culture and Communication
Brian Swenson
Princeton Electrical Engineering Continuous Best-Response Dynamics in Potential Games
4/26 University of Pittsburgh Preferences for Mates and the Evolution of Social Norms