Joseph L. Krislov Labor Workshop

Important note:

The Labor Economics Workshop meets Mondays at 3:45 pm in Room 7142 Social Science (Morton Room)
Faculty organizer: Rasmus Lentz

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
2/26 Alexis Smith UW-Madison Coresidence, Long-Term Care, and the Labor Market
3/4 Asha Bharadwaj UW-Madison Age of Marriage and Female Education
3/18 Mary Ann Bronson Georgetown Optimal Parental Leave Policy Design
4/8 Virginia Minni London School of Economics - IFS Making the Invisible Hand Visible: Managers and the Allocation of Workers to Jobs
4/9 Jean-Marc Robin Science Po, Paris Individual Wage Dynamics, Continuous Firm Types and Path Dependence
4/15 Rebecca Lessem Carnegie Mellon (Tepper School of Business) Matching Job Applicants to Vacancies: An Empirical Model
4/22 Francesco Agostinelli UPenn Employment Relationship, Wage Setting, and Labor Market Power
4/29 TBD
5/6 TBD
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/11 NONE - -
9/18 NONE - -
9/25 Victoria Barone Notre Dame On the Design of Paid Sick Leave: A Structural Approach
10/02 Ben Friedrich Northwestern Families’ career investments and firms’ promotion decisions
10/09 Espen Moen Norwegian Business School Equilibrium Worker-Firm Allocations and the Deadweight Losses of Taxation
10/16 Sharada Dharmasankar UW-Madison When School Matters: The Effects of Elementary, Middle, and High School Quality on Longer-Run Outcomes
10/23 Hoyoung Yoo UW-Madison The Welfare Consequences of Incoming Remote Workers on Local Residents
10/30 Youngjae Hwang UW-Madison Implications of Lump Sum Deposit Rental Agreements on Housing Demand over the Life Cycle
11/06 Jingnan Liu UW-Madison Worker Mobility, Knowledge Diffusion, and Non-Compete Contracts
11/13 Daniel Tannenbaum University of Nebraska The Effects of Eviction on Children
11/15 Alessandra L. González University of Chicago Doing Business Far From Home: Multinational Firms and Labor Market Outcomes in Saudi Arabia
11/20 NONE - -
11/27 Bruce Meyer University of Chicago Poverty in the U.S.
12/04 NONE - -
12/11 Tim Ederer University of Chicago TBD
12/18 Mary Ann Bronson Georgetown Optimal Parental Leave Policy Design
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/06 Luigi Pistaferri Stanford Disability Insurance: Error Rates and Gender Differences
3/20 Ryan Mather UW-Madison Top Percent Plans and Student Beliefs about STEM Ability
3/27 Zhiyang Feng UW-Madison Fertility Policy and Female Labor Supply
4/03 Michael Gilraine NYU School Choice, Competition, and Aggregate School Quality
4/10 Emily Case UW-Madison What drives wage differences in personality types? An endogenous search intensity model
4/17 Mariacristina De Nardi Minnesota The Lifetime Costs of Bad Health
4/24 Allie Greenman UW-Madison On the Job Search with Asymmetric Information
5/01 Christopher Campos Chicago Booth Social Interactions and Preferences for Schools: Experimental Evidence from Los Angeles
5/08 Claire Kim UW-Madison Student Loan Debt and Job Choice of College Graduates
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/19 Garrett Anstreicher UW-Madison Spatial Influences in Upward Mobility
9/21 Adam Kapor Princeton Interdependent Values in Matching Markets: Evidence from Medical School Admissions in Denmark
10/10 Minseon Park UW-Madison Location Choice, Commuting, and School Choice
10/17 Michèle Belot Cornell Broadening Job Search: A Field Experiment
10/24 Angela Jiang UW-Madison Migration and Long-Term Care
10/31 Salvador Navarro University of West Ontario Time Varying Effects of Elite Schools: Evidence from Mexico City
11/07 Suphanit Piyapromdee University College London The Minimum Wage Effects on Earnings and Sorting: A Wage-Mobility Discrete Type Approach
11/14 Ben Scuderi Princeton Bidding for Talent: Equilibrium Wage Dispersion on a High-Wage Online Job Board
11/28 Isaac McFarlin University of Florida How Much Do Tuition Subsidies Promote College Access? Evidence from Community College Taxing Districts
12/12 Rasmus Lentz UW-Madison The Anatomy of Sorting: Evidence from Danish Data (joint with Suphanit Piyapromdee and Jean-Marc Robin)
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/28 Qin Lin UW-Madison Unstable Leisure Complementarity and Dual Career Couples' Joint Retirement Behavior
4/4 Kevin Hunt UW-Madison The Effect of Divorce and Marriage on Retirement: Evidence from Self-Reported Plans for Retirement
4/18 Selidji Tossou UW-Madison Who benefits the most? Direct and indirect effects of a free cesarean section policy in Benin
4/11 Thibaut Lamadon University of Chicago Why Do Larger Firms Have Lower Labor Shares? with Henry de Frahan, Lamadon, Meling and Mogstad
4/25 Ilse Lindenlaub Yale Marriage Market and Labor Market Sorting
5/2 Laura Pilossoph FRB NY Assortative Matching and Household Income Inequality: A Structural Approach
5/9 Jeremy Lise University of Minnesota Production, Amenities and Search Frictions with Two Sided Heterogeneity
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/13 *VIRTUAL* Berkeley
9/20 FRB St Louis The Alpha Beta Gamma of the Labor Market
9/27 Univ of Minnesota A structural meta-analysis of welfare-to-work programs and their impacts on children
10/4 UW-Madison Job Search, Wage Dispersion, and Universal Healthcare
10/11 UW-Madison The Interaction Effects of Subsidized Childcare and Parental Leave Entitlements on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Germany
10/18 UW-Madison Migration opportunities, college enrollment and college major choice
10/25 Johns-Hopkins Structural Analysis of Xenophobia
11/1 McMurry, Joel UW-Madison Childcare Policy and Informal Care
11/15 U-Penn Prospering through Prospera: CCT Impacts on Educational Attainment and Achievement in Mexico
11/22 UW-Madison Effects of Exam-Free Semester on Private Education
11/29 Lim, Hyun UW-Madison Value-Added and Selectivity in Higher Education
12/6 Univ of Chicago Systemic Discrimination Among Large U.S. Employers
12/13 Stein, Carolyn Stanford Race to the Bottom: Competition and Quality in Science
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/1 UW-Madison Wages, Task Type Amenity, and Job Mobility
3/15 UW-Madison How Transferable are Skills Between Two Time Periods? Labor Market Outcomes After an Occupational Skill Shock
3/24 Chicago Booth
3/29 UW-Madison Student Loan Repayment Plans and Post-College Labor Market Outcomes
4/5 UW-Madison Family Resources and Human Capital in Economic Downturns
4/12 UW-Madison How Risk Aversion Impacts College Graduates' Search Behavior
4/19 UW-Madison Minimum Wage Effect on Firm Capital Choice
4/26 Stanford
5/3 UW-Madison Spousal Hours of Work and Work Hour Regulations: evidence from work hour regulations in South Korea
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
09/28 UW-Madison Time Investment Responses of Parents and Students to School Inputs
10/12 UW-Madison Dual-Earner Migration, Earnings, and Unemployment Insurance
10/19 UW-Madison Pricing, Income and College Major Choice
11/16 UW-Madison Human Capital Accumulation and Choice of Marriage : Role of Effort Choice in Marriage Premium
11/30 UW-Madison Signals and human capital in admission tournament
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/2 Duke Asian American Discrimination in Harvard Admissions
3/9 Meng-Chien Su UW-Madison Taste-Based Discrimination against Sexual Orientation: An Equilibrium Search Model with Bargaining and Private Information
3/23 Jane Liu UW-Madison
3/30 UC-Berkeley
4/6 Penn
4/13 Youngjae Hwang UW-Madison
4/27 Stanford
5/4 Cambridge
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/9 UW-Madison Geographic Mobility Among Youths and Spatial Gap in Local College and Labor Market Opportunities
9/16 Havard College Aid, College Completion, and the Marginal Cost of a College Degree: Evidence from a Large-Scale Randomized Trial
9/23 Stanford Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages
9/30 UW-Madison Side Hustles: Non-Wage Job Characteristics and Dual Job Holding
10/7 Queen's University
10/14 UW-Madison Heterogeneous Skill Growth, Task Distance, and Wages
10/21 Western Ontario Optimal Contracting with Altruistic Agents: A Structural Model of Medicare Reimbursements for Dialysis Drugs
11/4 Aarhus University Health at Work? Evidence from a Social Experiment Evaluation of a Firm-based Wellness Program
11/11 Duke
11/18 University of British Columbia The Employment Impact of Construction Boom-Bust Cycles: Causal Evidence from the German Unification
11/25 UW-Madison An Empirical Framework of School Choice and Location Choice
12/9 UW-Madison Spatial Influences in Upward Mobility
12/16 UC-Berkeley Outside Options, Bargaining and Wages: Evidence from Coworker Networks
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
4/8 Richmond FRB Couples’ and Singles’ Savings after Retirement
4/22 FRB San Francisco Search Demand Effects on Equilibrium Unemployment and a Wage Phillips Curve
4/29 UW-Madison On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility: Evidence from Danish Register Data