Joseph L. Krislov Labor Workshop

Important note:

The Labor Economics Workshop meets Mondays at 3:45 pm in Room 7142 Social Sciences

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/13/2021 Moretti, Enrico Berkeley
11/15/2021 Todd, Petra U-Penn

Speaker: Hoyoung Yoo, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Wages, Task Type Amenity, and Job Mobility”

Speaker: Annemarie Schweinert,  UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “How Transferable are Skills Between Two Time Periods? Labor Market Outcomes After an Occupational Skill Shock”

3/24 (Please Note : This seminar is on Wednesday)
Speaker: Milena Almagro, Chicago Booth
Presentation Title: “Location Sorting and Endogenous Amenities: Evidence from Amsterdam” (with Tomas Dominguez-Iino)

Speaker: Sharada Dharmasankar, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Student Loan Repayment Plans and Post-College Labor Market Outcomes”

Speaker: Garrett Anstreicher, UW-Madison
Presentation Title:”Family Resources and Human Capital in Economic Downturns”

Speaker: Laura Boisten, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “How Risk Aversion Impacts College Graduates’ Search Behavior”

Speaker: Xinyi Peng, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Minimum Wage Effect on Firm Capital Choice”

Speaker: Elena Pastorino, Stanford
Presentation Title: On the Role of Learning, Human Capital, and Performance Incentives for Wages

Speaker: Joohyun Lee, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Spousal Hours of Work and Work Hour Regulations: evidence from work hour regulations in South Korea”

09/28: Nico Badaracco, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Time Investment Responses of Parents and Students to School Inputs”

10/12: Joanna Venator, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Dual-Earner Migration, Earnings, and Unemployment Insurance”

10/19: Arpita Patnaik, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Pricing, Income and College Major Choice”

11/16: Youngjae Hwang, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “‘Human Capital Accumulation and Choice of Marriage : Role of Effort Choice in Marriage Premium”

11/30: Jingnan Liu, UW-Madison
Presentation Title: “Signals and human capital in admission tournament”

3/2: Peter Arcidiacono, Duke University – “Asian American Discrimination in Harvard Admissions”

3/9: Meng-Chien Su, UW-Madison, “Taste-Based Discrimination against Sexual Orientation: An Equilibrium Search Model with Bargaining and Private Information”

3/23: Jane Liu, UW-Madison

3/30: Enrico Moretti, UC-Berkeley

4/6: Petra Todd, Penn – “Personality Traits, Job Search and the Gender Wage Gap”

4/13: Youngjae Hwang, UW-Madison

4/27: Elena Pastorino, Stanford

5/4: Coen Tuelings, Cambridge

Fall 2019

9/9: Shoya Ishimaru, UW-Madison – “Geographic Mobility Among Youths and Spatial Gap in Local College and Labor Market Opportunities”

9/16: Amanda Pallais, Havard – “College Aid, College Completion, and the Marginal Cost of a College Degree: Evidence from a Large-Scale Randomized Trial”

9/23: Isaac Sorkin, Stanford – “Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages”

9/30: Daniel Beemon, “Side Hustles: Non-Wage Job Characteristics and Dual Job Holding”

10/7: Brant Abbott, Queen’s University – “Permanent-Income Inequality”

10/14: John Stromme, UW-Madison – “Heterogeneous Skill Growth, Task Distance, and Wages”

10/21: Nirav Mehta, Western Ontario – “Optimal Contracting with Altruistic Agents: A Structural Model of Medicare Reimbursements for Dialysis Drugs”

11/4: Marianne Simonsen, Aarhus University – “Health at Work? Evidence from a Social Experiment Evaluation of a Firm-based Wellness Program”

11/11: Modibo Sidibe, Duke – “Imperfect Information and Centralized School Choice”

11/18: Florian Hoffman, University of British Columbia – “The Employment Impact of Construction Boom-Bust Cycles: Causal Evidence from the German Unification”

11/25: Minseon Park, UW-Madison – “An Empirical Framework of School Choice and Location Choice”

12/9: Garrett Anstreicher, UW-Madison – “Spatial Influences in Upward Mobility”

12/16: Sydnee Caldwell, UC-Berkeley – “Outside Options, Bargaining and Wages: Evidence from Coworker Networks”

Spring 2019

4/8: John Jones, Richmond FRB –  “Couples’ and Singles’ Savings after Retirement”

4/22: Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, FRB San Francisco – “Search Demand Effects on Equilibrium Unemployment and a Wage Phillips Curve”

4/29: Rasmus Lentz, UW-Madison – “On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility: Evidence from Danish Register Data”