Labor Seminar

Fall 2019

The Labor Economics Seminar meets Mondays at 3:45 PM in Room 7142 Social Sciences

9/9: Shoya Ishimaru, UW-Madison – “Geographic Mobility Among Youths and Spatial Gap in Local College and Labor Market Opportunities”

9/16: Amanda Pallais, Havard – “College Aid, College Completion, and the Marginal Cost of a College Degree: Evidence from a Large-Scale Randomized Trial”

9/23: Isaac Sorkin, Stanford – “Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages”

9/30: Daniel Beemon, UW-Madison

10/7: Brant Abbott, Queen’s University

10/14: John Stromme, UW-Madison

10/21: Nirav Mehta, Western Ontario

11/4: Marianne Simonsen, Aarhus University

11/11: Modibo Sidibe, Duke

11/18: Florian Hoffman, University of British Columbia

11/25: Minseon Park, UW-Madison

12/9: Garrett Anstreicher, UW-Madison

12/16: Sydnee Caldwell, UC-Berkeley


Spring 2019

4/8: John Jones, Richmond FRB –  “Couples’ and Singles’ Savings after Retirement”

4/22: Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, FRB San Francisco – “Search Demand Effects on Equilibrium Unemployment and a Wage Phillips Curve”

4/29: Rasmus Lentz, UW-Madison – “On Worker and Firm Heterogeneity in Wages and Employment Mobility: Evidence from Danish Register Data”