International Seminar

Fall 2019

The International Seminar meets Tuesdays at 3:45 pm in 7142 Social Sciences


9/10: Dmitry Mukhin, UW-Madison – “Mussa Puzzle Redux”

9/19: Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard (joint with Macro)

9/24: Juan Passadore, EIEF – “A Framework for Debt-Maturity Management”

10/1: Illenin Kondo, Notre Dame – “Real Interest Rates, Inflation, and Default”

10/15: Guido Lorenzoni, Northwestern

10/22: Steve Wu, UW-Madison – “Corporate Balance Sheets and Sovereign Risk Premia”

10/28: Jian Wang, CUHK-Shenzhen – “FDI and firm productivity: The role of financial constraints”

10/29: Dohyeon Lee, UW-Madison – “Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Economy under Imperfect Capital Mobility”

11/5: Rosen Valchev, Boston College – “The International Medium of Exchange”  CANCELED

11/12: Giancarlo Corsetti, Cambridge University – “Invoicing and Pricing-to Market: A Study of Price and Markup Elasticities of UK Exporters” at special time, 2:45-4:15 p.m.

11/19: Dmitriy Sergeyev, Bocconi University –“Optimal Macroprudential and Monetary Policy in a Currency Union”

11/26: Sanjay Singh, UC-Davis

12/3: Michael Devereux, University of British Columbia

12/10: Michael Waugh, NYU Business


Spring 2019

3/5: Steve Wu, UW-Madison – “Corporate Balance Sheets and Sovereign Risk Premia”

4/2: Andrei Levchenko, University of Michigan – “The Global Business Cycle: Measurement and Transmission”

4/16: Jing Zhang, FRB of Chicago – “International Capital Flows: Private vs. Public”

4/23: Davin Chor, Dartmouth – “The Political Economy Consequences of China’s Export Slowdown”

4/30: Linda Tesar,  University of Michigan – “Quantifying the Benefits of Labor Mobility in a Currency Union”