Robert E. Baldwin International Workshop

Important note:

The International Workshop on 3/03 meets all day (9:00am – 4:30pm) in the Discovery Building (Orchard View Room)
Faculty organizer: Kim Ruhl

Date & Time Speaker Institution Presentation Location Presentation Title
9/08 (Time TBD) Jon Steinsson UC Berkeley TBD
9/08 (Time TBD) Vincenzo Quadrini USC TBD
9/08 (Time TBD) Giancarlo Corsetti European University Institute TBD
9/08 (Time TBD) Aleksei Oskolkov University of Chicago TBD
10/20 (Time TBD) Andrés Rodríguez-Clare UC Berkeley TBD
10/20 (Time TBD) Nuno Limao Georgetown TBD
10/20 (Time TBD) Mayara Felix Yale TBD
10/20 (Time TBD) TBD TBD
12/01 (Time TBD) Luigi Bocola Stanford TBD
12/01 (Time TBD) Dmitry Mukhin London School of Economics TBD
12/01 (Time TBD) Valentina Bruno American University TBD
12/01 (Time TBD) Linda Goldberg FRB NY TBD
Date & Time Speaker Institution Presentation Location Presentation Title
3/03 (9:00-10:15am) Albert Queralto Federal Reserve Board Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) Uncertainty Shocks, Capital Flows, and International Risk Spillovers
Doireann Fitzgerald Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) The Impact of Multinationals Along the Job Ladder
3/03 (1:30-2:45pm) Guido Lorenzoni Chicago Booth Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) Wage Price Spirals
George Alessandria University of Rochester Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) Rising Current Account Dispersion: Financial or Trade Integration
5/02 (Tuesday) Kevin O'Rourke NYU Abu Dhabi 8417 Social Sciences The Empire Project: Trade Policy in Interwar Canada
Date & Time Speaker Institution Presentation Location Presentation Title
9/9 (9:00-10:15am) Paul Bergin UC Davis Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) Capital Account Policy, Firm-Dynamics, and Export-led Growth
9/9 (10:30-11:15am) Fabrizio Perri FRB of Minneapolis Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) The End of Privilege: A Reexamination of the Net Foreign Asset Position of the United States
9/9 (1:30-2:45pm) Maxime Sauzet Boston University Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) Asset Prices, Global Portfolios, and the International Financial System
9/9 (3:00-4:15pm) Chris Clayton Yale Discovery Building (Orchard View Room, Room 3280) Internationalizing Like China
10/25 (3:45-5:15pm) Andy Lehrer UW-Madison 8417 Social Sciences Trade Policy Uncertainty and Import Prices
10/28 (9:00-10:15am) Pablo Ottonello University of Michigan 8417 Social Sciences Are Collateral-Constraint Models Ready for Macroprudential Policy Design?
10/28 (10:30-11:45am) Tony Zhang Federal Reserve Board 8417 Social Sciences Understanding the Strength of the Dollar (with Zhengyang Jiang and Robert Richmond)
10/28 (1:45-3:00pm) Felipe Saffie University of Virginia 8417 Social Sciences The Micro and Macro Dynamics of Capital Inflows
10/28 (3:15-4:30pm) Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé Columbia 8417 Social Sciences Optimal Bank Reserve Remuneration and Capital Control Policy
11/11 (9:00-10:15am) Sewon Hur FRB-Dallas 8417 Social Sciences The Distributional Effects of International Tariffs
11/11 (10:30-11:45am) Jing Zhang FRB-Chicago 8417 Social Sciences A Quantitative Analysis of Tariffs across U.S. States
11/11 (2:00-3:15pm) Lydia Cox Harvard 8417 Social Sciences The Regressive Nature of the U.S. Tariff Code: Origins and Implications
11/11 (3:30-4:45pm) Michael Waugh FRB-Minneapolis 8417 Social Sciences Heterogeneous Agent Trade
Adrien Auclert Speaker Institution Presentation Title
2/22 *VIRTUAL* Steve Wu UCSD Foreign Reserves Management and Original Sin
3/22 Ina Simonovska University of California Economic Stabilizers in Emerging Markets: The Case for Trade Credit
3/29 Federica Romei University of Oxford Why does capital flow from equal to unequal countries?
4/12 Adrien Aculert Stanford University Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents: Sizing up the Real Income Channel
4/19 Javier Cravino University of Michigan The International Price of Remote Work
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/7 Notre Dame Sound and Fury: Signaling in Sovereign Debt Markets
9/14 UW-Madison Liquidity Traps, Prudential Policies, and International Spillovers
9/21 Sosa Padilla Araujo, Cesar Notre Dame Reserve Accumulation, Macroeconomic Stabilization, and Sovereign Risk (joint work w/ Javier Bianchi)
9/28 *POSTPONED* FRB Minneapolis Bank Runs, Fragility and Credit Easing (with Manuel Amador)
10/5 UW-Madison Why Do Emerging Economies Borrow in Foreign Currency?
10/12 U-Penn Beware the Side Effects: Capital Controls, Misallocation and Welfare
10/19 Yale Spatial Production Networks
10/26 Federal Reserve Board Globalization, Trade Imbalances, and Labor Market Adjustment
11/2 Boston University Sources and Transmission of Country Risk
12/7 Lehrer, Andy UW-Madison The Effect of Trade Policy Uncertainty on U.S. Import Prices: High Tariff Pass-Through vs. Low Exchange Rate Pass-Through
12/14 *NOON* Northwestern Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets: Efficient Risk Sharing or Prescription for Disaster?
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/16 Berkeley
A Preferred-Habitat Model of Term Premia, Currencies and Monetary Policy Spillovers (with Walker Ray (LSE) and Dimitri Vayanos (LSE))
3/23 University of Maryland
Exchange Rate Disconnect Redux” (joint with Ryan Chahrour, Vito Cormun, Pablo Guerron-Quintana, and Rosen Valchev)
3/30 UCLA
Northwestern Kellogg
This seminar begins at 2 pm
University of Lausanne
This seminar begins at 1 pm
Stanford GSB
International Banks: Re-Agents of Globalization joint with Chris Meissner and Will Kisling
4/27 FRB-NYC
International Capital Flow Pressures, joint with Signe Krogstrup
5/4 Columbia
Does the Commodity Super Cycle Matter? with Andrés Fernández and Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/3 Federal Reserve Bank of NY
3/10 Johns Hopkins University
3/24 Columbia
3/31 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Workers’ Skills, Occupational Choice and the Labor Market Effects of International Trade and Automation
4/7 Boston University
4/14 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
4/21 MIT Sloan
4/28 LSE/Federal Reserve Bank of NY
5/5 Chicago Booth
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
9/10 Dmitry Mukhin UW-Madison
9/19 Kenneth Rogoff Harvard (joint with Macro)
9/24 Juan Passadore EIEF
10/1 Illenin Kondo Notre Dame
10/15 Guido Lorenzoni Northwestern
10/22 Steve Wu UW-Madison Corporate Balance Sheets and Sovereign Risk Premia
10/28 Jian Wang CUHK-Shenzhen FDI and firm productivity: The role of financial constraints
10/29 Dohyeon Lee UW-Madison Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Economy under Imperfect Capital Mobility
Rosen Valchev Boston College
(2.45 - 4.15 pm)
Giancarlo Corsetti Cambridge University
11/19 Dmitriy Sergeyev Bocconi University
11/26 Sanjay Singh UC-Davis
12/3 Michael Devereux University of British Columbia
12/10 Michael Waugh NYU Business
Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
3/5 Steve Wu UW-Madison Corporate Balance Sheets and Sovereign Risk Premia
4/2 Andrei Levchenko University of Michigan
4/16 Jing Zhang FRB of Chicago International Capital Flows: Private vs. Public
4/23 Davin Chor Dartmouth
4/30 Linda Tesar University of Michigan