Wisconsinites for Inclusion and Diversity in Economics (WIDE) was founded in 2018 and works to ensure all PhD Candidates in Economics at UW-Madison reach their full potential. To achieve our goal, we tackle barriers that disproportionately hinder the full participation and success of students from groups who’ve faced historic exclusion or under-representation in economics. We direct our programming towards students in identity groups such as women, non-white students, and LGBTQ+ individuals, but we recognize that students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds may benefit from our work. We welcome all interested individuals to participate in our programs and lend their talents and time to our leadership team. If you have questions or would like to contact leadership, please feel free to reach out to one of our co-presidents Hanna Han or Katherine Kwok.

Our programs and initiatives focus on the following areas:

  • Community Building
  • Professional Development
  • Departmental Advocacy
  • Outreach and Service

Programs & Events

  • WIDE Welcome Back Event
  • Fieldsgiving Event
  • Q&A with Chloe East and Suphanit Piyapromdee
  • Undergrad Lunch Workshop for Ph.D., RA and Pre-doc Applications
  • Undergrad Outreach Panel with Women in Economics: A Multitude of Pathways to an Econ Ph.D.
  • Graduate Program Climate survey
  • Undergraduate workshop: Applying to PhD programs
  • Q&A with Amanda Agan
  • Job Market Panel
  • Virtual panel: Finding Community in Economics
  • Reading Group – Color of Money by Mehresa Baradaran
  • Outreach to undergraduates:
    • Panel on Preparation for a PhD in Economics
    • Matching for 1-on-1 informational meetings with PhD Students
  • Q&As with Linda Goldberg (FRBNY)
  • Job Market Debrief
  • LGBTQ+ Community Building Event
  • Valentine’s Craft Night
  • Q&A with Alessandra Fogli (cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Workshop on mental health (cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Presentation of Climate Survey Results and Recommendations
  • Abstract Swap
  • Panel on Publishing Process with UW-Madison faculty
  • Q&A with Amanda Pallais (Harvard) and Oksana Leukhina (FRB St. Louis)
  • WIDE Kick-off Event
  • Q&As with Karen Pence (FRB Board of Governors) and Sue Dynarski (Michigan)
  • Workshop on Presentation Skills by Dan Quint
  • Climate Survey Administration