Visiting International Student Program

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We welcome juniors and seniors to apply for our Thematic Visiting International Student Program (VISP) Track for Economics. You will take our most popular and in demand courses. Please apply by April 1 for the fall and October 20 for the next spring semester for priority consideration.

· Wisconsin Economics Graduate Programs consistently rank among the top few in the world

· Among the many strengths of our program is Applied Micro and Econometrics (top 10 in the 2017 US News & World Report ranking)

· Classes taught by well-established senior professors and world class lecturers

· A top ranked university in a diverse & bustling city

Seats are reserved for Thematic Track participants for the following courses offered in the fall/spring semester. Other Economics courses may be available to the VISP students if there are open seats. Faculty and staff in the Department of Economics will advise students on their course selection and program plan based on their academic background:

· Economics 410, Introductory Econometrics (fall and spring)

· Economics 435, The Financial System (fall)

· Economics 450, Wages and the Labor Market (spring)

· Economics 461, International Macroeconomics (fall)

· Economics 464, International Trade (fall and spring)

· Economics 467, International Industrial Organizations (fall)

· Economics 475, Economics of Growth (fall and spring)

· Economics 521, Game Theory and Economic Analysis (spring)

· Economics 661, Issues on International Macroeconomics (spring)

· Economics 690, Topics in Economics: Insuring Life’s Risks: Health, Aging and Policy (fall)

· Economics 690, Topics in Economics: Big Data and GIS (fall)

· Economics 690, Topics in Economics: Policy Evaluation (spring)

· Economics 690, Topics in Economics: Data Analysis (spring)

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If you have questions, please contact Huiming Wang.