Student Grievances

If a student feels unfairly treated or aggrieved by faculty, staff, or another student, the University offers several avenues to resolve the grievance. Students’ concerns about unfair treatment are best handled directly with the person responsible for the objectionable action.  If the student is uncomfortable making direct contact with the individual(s) involved, they should contact the Economics Undergraduate Office for Academic Advising.  This office will help the student by providing information on handling grievances and the appropriate administrative steps to report and address the grievance.  If the grievance involves a member of the Academic Advising office or the student is uncomfortable contacting that office for any reason, they can instead contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

If the grievance involves the Department of Economics faculty or staff, the Economics Undergraduate Office for Academic Advising or Director of Undergraduate Studies will facilitate problem resolution through informal channels.  If the issue is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, a formal grievance can be filed; the Academic Advising office or Director of Undergraduate Studies can advise the student on the process of filing one.  The Director of Undergraduate Studies, in consultation with Economics leadership as necessary, will then convene and make a decision regarding the grievance.

Additional or Alternative Options: