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Things to Consider When Selecting a Program

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The “Get Started” link will take you to UW-Madison’s Study Abroad Office Website. The “Get Started” page will introduce you to some things you should consider as you begin looking for a program to apply to.

Non-approved programs are those that have not been vetted by UW-Madison and are not affiliated with any of the study abroad offices at UW-Madison. This includes international students returning to their home country and who enroll in classes at a higher education institution in that country. You are strongly encouraged to consider the many approved programs offered by UW-Madison before applying to and participating on a non-approved study abroad program.

Econ Major Advising Page (MAP)

Econ MAP

Major Advising Pages (MAPs) are a guide to your major’s (or certificate’s) academic requirements in relation to study abroad. They suggest times for students in your major or certificate to study abroad, questions to ask your advisors, and provide a list of recommended programs based on your major or certificate. The program list is not exhaustive, but can give you a place to begin your search.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Handbook

The Study Abroad Academic Handbook is a resource you should familiarize yourself before you study abroad. Many FAQs are answered in the Academic Handbook, such as: Can I drop a class while abroad? Can I take all my abroad courses as pass/fail? In addition to the Academic Handbook, the Study Abroad Office also offers several other Handbooks that you can reference below.

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Econ Credit for Study Abroad

If you participate in a UW-affiliated study abroad program, your credits will post to your UW-Madison transcript the same as credits taken on campus, with letter grades, and you will earn “in-residence” credit.

If you choose to study abroad as part of a program that is not affiliated with UW-Madison, your coursework, credits and grades must be evaluated by the Office of Admissions. You are responsible for initiating and completing this transfer process. There is no guarantee that courses taken in non-UW-Madison study abroad programs will be given credit.

Courses in economics taken abroad from non-UW-Madison programs will transfer following the general guidelines outlined below.

Course with an Exact Equivalent to a UW-Madison Course:

If the course has an exact UW-Madison equivalent, you will be given credit for that equivalent course. Please note that a Core Economics course completed abroad will not count towards the requirement of two Core Economics courses taken on the UW-Madison campus, even if it is a direct equivalent.

Course without an Exact Equivalent to a UW-Madison Course:

Econ 109: Study Abroad Course in Introductory Economics
Introductory level class with no exact UW-Madison equivalent. The course is unlikely to have any prerequisites. Economics 109 does not fulfill any of the requirements of the Economics major. It will provide Social Science credit.

Econ 309: Study Abroad Course in Intermediate Economics
Intermediate level economics courses with no exact UW-Madison equivalent. The course has introductory microeconomics and/or macroeconomics as prerequisites. It will provide credit as an applied elective in Economics.

Econ 409: Study Abroad Course in Advanced Economics
Advanced level economic courses with no exact UW-Madison equivalent. The course has calculus or intermediate microeconomic theory and/or intermediate macroeconomic theory as prerequisites. It will provide credit as an applied elective in Economics. ***If you are pursuing the Econ Math Emphasis major, this course could count as 1 out of the 3 Core Electives you need. 2 Core Electives must always be taken on-campus at UW-Madison.

Econ Student Reflections

International Internships

The International Internship Team develops international internship opportunities (called “UW Signature Internships”) specifically for UW-Madison students. You can search for these opportunities in the Internship database, in addition to other UW and non-UW internship opportunities.

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