Recruitment Talks 2024

Important note:

All Recruitment Talks will take place in 7142 Social Sciences from 3:45-5:15pm (unless otherwise noted)

Date Senior/Junior Talk Speaker Institution Presentation Title
1/18 Junior Angela Crema NYU School Competition, Classroom Formation, and Academic Quality
1/19 Junior Viola Corradini MIT Information and Access in School Choice Systems: Evidence from New York City
1/22 Junior Miguel Acosta Federal Reserve Board The Perceived Causes of Monetary Policy Surprises
1/24 Junior Martin Garcia Vazquez Minnesota The equilibrium effects of state-mandated minimum staff-to-child ratios
1/25 Junior Cody Cook Stanford Where to Build Affordable Housing? Evaluating the Tradeoffs of Location
1/26 Junior Alice Wu Harvard Reveal or Conceal? Employer Learning in the Labor Market for Computer Scientists
1/29 Junior Wendy Morrison Columbia Redistribution and Investment
1/30 Junior Bernardo Ribeiro Yale Embracing the Future or Building on the Past? Growth with New and Old Technologies
1/31 Junior Andreas Schaab Princeton Optimal Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents: Discretion, Commitment, and Timeless Policy
2/8 Junior Nicola Rosaia Columbia Competing platforms and transport equilibrium