Tuition and Fees:

Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is $2000 per credit.

Full-time enrollment tuition ($2000 per credit)                                                            $36,000

Segregated fees ($761.52 per semester)                                                                            $1,523.04

Health Insurance: SHIP mandatory for international students (12 mo)                   $1,656 (25 and younger) OR $ 2,484 (26 and older)

International Student Services Fee ($100 per semester)                                              $200

Official Document Fee ($65 one-time fee for all new students)                                  $65

Total tuition and fees (26 and older SHIP)                                                       $40,272,04     

Financial Support:

Financial support for students enrolled in the Master of Science in Economics Program is not offered by the Economics Department or the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Students enrolled in the Master of Science in Economics Program are not eligible to receive tuition remission from graduate assistantship appointments at this institution. Accepting any positions which grant tuition waiver while enrolled in the program may lead to the removal of the student from the M.S. in Economics student cohort. Corporate tuition support is not included in these categories, nor is the waiver of tuition due to veteran status.