Master’s Program Administration

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School is the ultimate authority for granting graduate degrees at the University. The Department of Economics administers its Master’s program under the authority of the Graduate School. The Graduate School’s Academic Policies and Procedures provide essential information regarding general University requirements.

The policies and procedures of the economics master’s program are overseen by the department’s Director of the Master’s Program (DMP). The interpretation and implementation of most program policies are the responsibility of the DMP. Changes in policy are made at the discretion of the DMP and the department. The DMP is the assigned faculty advisor for MS students in the Economics department.

Program authority to set degree requirements beyond the minimum required by the Graduate School lies with the DMP. Degrees and course requirements may change over time. Students must meet the degree and course requirements in effect at the time they entered the program. In addition, administrative procedures and processes may change over time. Students are required to follow the procedures and processes listed by the economics department. Students also should meet with the DMP to assure that degree requirements and individual interests are met.

Admissions to the master’s program is administered by the department’s Master’s Admissions Committee.

The Master’s Program Advisor (MPA) also plays a vital role in the program, serving as a key link between master’s students and faculty. The MPA is the student’s primary source of information about program policies and procedures and is also the central administrator of program procedures. The MPA performs these roles in consultation with the DMP and the Admissions committee.

Refer to the websites for the Economics Master’s Program, the Graduate School, and the Graduate School Academic Guidelines for answers on most program-related questions. If you need further clarification on any policies or procedures, contact the MPA, who can advise on issues including satisfactory academic progress, academic deadlines, graduation completion, program-related forms, advising/course holds and permissions, and course offerings.