2023 Undergraduate Student Spotlights Mir Ramisa Raiyan Rose

Mir Ramisa Raiyan Rose

Hometown: Dhake, Bangladesh

Year in School: Freshman

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Video Games, Swimming and True Crime Podcasts

Involvements/Employment/Activities: CEO, Founder – “That One Book Club”,” UW Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Peer Mentor (2023-2024), CE Tutor at GUTS, Desk Worker & Housing Facilities Employee at UW Housing.

Where is your favorite place on campus and why?

There’s a small bench area behind the science hall on Bascom Hill. During fall, the tree covering it turns a pretty blush pink color and it’s my go-to place when I want to relax or get some work done because it’s shady yet bright and perfect for a downtime.

What has been your favorite Econ course?

Econ 101 with Prof. Pac. It was the perfect blend of theory to application and was the class that made me want to know more about the application of economics in the real world, especially after I did an extra credit paper on The Economics of the Fifa World Cup during the time that the tournament was going on!

If you have any other majors or certificates in addition to Econ, how did you decide to add Econ or add the other major/certificate?

I’m pursuing Data Science as a certificate and exploring molecular biology as a second major. I’m interested in economic research and I believe the skills that data science would provide would benefit me in the process.

How do you manage your course load?

I’ve had a high course load both semesters of college, specially being a STEM major and pursuing multiple different paths including Economics with Math Emphasis. I believe the best way to manage a busy course load is to maintain a schedule and try to keep on top of assignments. I’ve also seen that going out with friends or simply going for a run keeps the mind fresh and boosts my productivity – so my biggest tip is to maintain a good balance between academics and social life.

Where did you intern/research, and did you have a good experience? Why or why not?

Before coming to college I worked in three startups alongside other work experiences. I believe those were good experiences as they allowed me to glimpse into the corporate life and also allowed me to understand how to network with people who aren’t my peers. I also learned how to draft an NDA!

What advice do you have for students seeking an internship/research experience?

Apply, Apply, Apply. Even if you think you are not eligible or don’t have the skills for the job, still apply. Most people second guess themselves out of a great opportunity. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out, and even if that happens the process of applying and even sitting for an interview would bring valuable experience that can be utilized in similar situations in the future.

Do you know what you want to do after graduation? If yes, what? If not, what advice would you give to another student who may not know either?

I’m still exploring my post undergrad plans, especially since I’m still in my first year in college but for now, I’m interested in health economics or economic consulting in the corporate world.