2023 Undergraduate Student Spotlights May Li

May Li

Hometown: Madison, WI

Year in School: Junior

Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, baking, photography, piano, learning new languages

Involvements/Employment/Activities: Studying abroad this summer in London

Where is your favorite place on campus and why?

My favorite place is College Library. I always sit at a table with a pretty lake view and study.

What has been your favorite Econ course?

My favorite class so far is Econ 390 (Popular Culture in Microeconomics). I am currently in this course and enjoy learning about current and past issues in economics. It is interesting how movies and books connect to different economic topics.

If you have any other majors or certificates in addition to Econ, how did you decide to add Econ or add the other major/certificate?

I am double majoring in Economics and Chinese. I added Chinese as my second major because I love learning languages and cultures.

How do you manage your course load?

I manage my course load by staying organized. I use a digital calendar on my laptop and have multiple alarms on my phone in case I forget to turn in an assignment.

Where did you intern/research, and did you have a good experience? Why or why not?

I interned at M3 Insurance during the summer of my sophomore year of high school, I interned at Curate Solutions during the summer of my junior year of high school. I also interned at Epic Systems during my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. During the summer of my sophomore year of college, I did two internships at Semex USA and as a leasing consultant at the Allen House Apartment. I had a great experience with all my internships, because I learned a lot about time management, organization, and gained professional experience.

What advice do you have for students seeking an internship/research experience?

My advice would be to take every opportunity there is and apply to as many internships as you can. Then prepare for the interview and make sure your resume is well done.

Do you know what you want to do after graduation? If yes, what? If not, what advice would you give to another student who may not know either?

After graduation, I plan to apply to grad school at UW-Madison. I am a first-generation college student and I plan to be the first generation in my family to get a master’s degree as well.