Study Spaces, Study Skills & Tutoring

This page will inform you of three different tools you can use to supplement your learning to academically succeed in Econ, and at UW. For more resources, go to Learning Support

For Econ classes

Study Spaces are an opportunity for students in Econ 101, 102, 301, 302 to attend free peer tutoring sessions for their specific class and professor!

A calendar is below of this semester’s Study Space schedule, listing what tutor for what class, and when they will be in the Study Space. Simply show up during the time range you see below for your specific class with your questions. All tutoring will occur in Ingraham 214 from 5:30-7:30PM. 

Spring2024 Study Space Tutor Schedule

For those not enrolled in these classes, please click on the “tutoring” tab to see if there are available graduate students to tutor for your class.

If you are interested in being a peer tutor at any time, please contact

For Math classes

Economics is a math-intensive field of study here at UW-Madison. To best succeed in Economics, you should have a strong math foundation. Please check out the Math Learning Center for tons of class-specific tutoring! Through the Math Learning Center there are opportunities for one: one tutoring, small group tutoring, study skills, and general math-review resources to help you succeed!

For those looking for last minute calculus tutoring, be sure to check out this page on Drop-in Tutoring!

This link below will lead you to a folder of professor-provided supplementary tools, links, and practice sets to help stimulate your active learning skills in any of our undergraduate Economics classes! Remember, everyone studies differently and learns at their own pace. Take time to experiment with your studying habits until you learn your best strategy for success! 

GUTS- Greater University Tutoring Services- hosts Study Skills sessions as well. Check them out too so you can study smarter. 

If you have tips, tricks, or helpful tidbits you have stumbled upon (and wish to help your peers study smarter), email Thank you!

Folder of Studying Smarter Documents! 


Tutor Resources

On this tab you can find additional tutoring opportunities with PhD Econ students for a set fee. You will notice that PhD students can, too, tutor for Econ 101-302, just like Study Spaces, but they also tutor classes beyond that (310 and above) from the Dept of Economics.