Study Abroad

Economics is a field that transcends national boundaries – in its subject matter and in its students and practitioners. Many international students come to the U.S. because of the high quality of economics departments in our universities, including UW-Madison. And while we can provide excellent academics with an international perspective right here on campus, many economics undergraduates enjoy studying abroad as part of their college experience.

UW-Madison has many options for study abroad. Visit the International Academic Programs Study Abroad website for information on programs and attend the Study Abroad Fair held early each fall semester. For economics specific study abroad guidance, you can visit the Study Abroad Economics Advising Information Page as well.

If you pursue study abroad you should meet with advisors both on the International Academic Programs staff and in the Department of Economics. If you have not yet declared economics as your major, you can visit the Undergraduate Economics Office during drop-in office hours. Advisors will advise you on the best courses to take.