Certificate in Economic Analytics

The Department of Economics is happy to announce its Certificate in Economic Analytics! When analyzing data, economists use many of the same statistical tools as other disciplines. However, economists have a tradition of formally combining data analysis with economic models, giving a different perspective on data and how to think about data analysis. This certificate will introduce non-Econ majors to this economic approach to data analytics.

An economist’s approach to data analysis has two distinguishing features. First, economists traditionally interpret observational data through the lens of an economic model. This often leads to an explicit derivation of the data- generating process, typically involving individual optimization. Second, economists tend to focus on identification and causal inference more than many other disciplines. This involves looking for combinations of data and empirical approaches that allow empirical relationships to be interpreted causally.

This certificate will introduce students to this perspective and these tools, by teaching students a mix of microeconomic theory, statistics and econometrics, and hands-on experience analyzing real data.


Complete one option from each category: Credits
Microeconomics (complete one course) 3-4
ECON 301 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON 311 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory – Advanced Treatment
Statistics (complete one option) 4-8
ECON 310 Statistics: Measurement in Economics
STAT 240 Introduction to Data Modeling I
& STAT 340 Introduction to Data Modeling II
STAT 303 R for Statistics I
& STAT 333 Applied Regression Analysis
Econometrics (complete one course) 4
ECON 400 Introduction to Applied Econometrics
ECON 410 Introductory Econometrics
Data-Related Economics Elective (complete one course) 3-4
ECON 460 Economic Forecasting
ECON 570 Fundamentals of Data Analytics for Economists
ECON 695 Topics in Economic Data Analysis
Total Credits 14-20

Declaring a Certificate in Economic Analytics

Non-declared Econ students will be able to declare beginning Fall 2021. There will be no pre-reqs needed to declare this certificate, and this certificate is only for non-Econ majors. Check back soon for information regarding the declaration process!

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