Study Abroad

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UW-Madison Study Abroad Programs

UW-Madison has many options for study abroad. Visit the International Academic Programs Study Abroad website for information on programs and attend the Study Abroad Fair held early each fall semester. For economics specific study abroad guidance, you can visit the Study Abroad Economics Advising Information Page as well.

If you pursue study abroad you should meet with advisors both on the International Academic Programs staff and in the Department of Economics. If you have not yet declared economics as your major, you can visit the Undergraduate Economics Office during drop-in office hours. Advisors will advise you on the best courses to take.

What if I study abroad through a non-UW Study Abroad Program?

If you study abroad through a non UW-Madison program (sometimes called unaffiliated), coursework will generally transfer if it is a university-level course similar in content to courses offered at UW-Madison.  The courses must be taken at an accredited, recognized institution. Recognition of institutions vary, depending upon the governmental policies of a given country. UW-Madison will convert foreign credits/hours to U.S. semester credits; you should not assume that your foreign credits/hours will transfer at face value.

Grades earned at non-UW study abroad programs will not transfer. Instead, courses will generally transfer as elective or course credits. However, you should not expect to satisfy specific requirements, especially in the areas of foreign language, liberal arts, and general education requirements.

All credit evaluations for study abroad programs that are not approved by UW–Madison should be completed through the International Academic Programs office (IAP). Once you have applied to the foreign institution or sponsoring study abroad program of your choice, you will need to sign up for transfer credit services through IAP. You do not need to be accepted by the non-approved program to begin the sign-up process for credit evaluations. More information about transfer credit services for non-approved programs can be found on the Study Abroad website.

Once you have completed your study abroad program, you will need to send your transcript directly to IAP for evaluation. For questions about processing timelines for your study abroad credits to be visible on your DARS report, please contact IAP directly at:

You are responsible for initiating and completing this transfer process. There is no guarantee that courses taken in non-UW-Madison study abroad programs will be given credit.

Courses in economics taken abroad from non-UW-Madison programs will transfer following the general guidelines outlined below.

During your study abroad program, please be sure to keep all syllabi, reading lists, exams, and papers as they may be helpful for transfer credit evaluation.  Upon completion of your non-UW study abroad program, request two official copies of your transcript: one for your personal records and one for the International Academic Programs office.

How will the economics credit I earn during UW-Madison Study Abroad Program transfer back to my UW record?

If you study abroad through a UW-Madison program, you will earn “in-residence” credit and can even graduate abroad.  The courses, grades, and credits you earn abroad will be recorded on your transcript as UW-Madison study abroad work. Before studying abroad, we highly recommend that you consult with your academic advisor to develop an academic plan appropriate for your major and study abroad program.

Course with an Exact Equivalent to a UW-Madison Course

If the course has an exact UW-Madison equivalent, you will be given credit for that equivalent course. Please note that an Advanced Elective Economics course completed abroad will not count towards the requirement of two Economics Advanced Electives taken on the UW-Madison campus, even if it is a direct equivalent.

Course without an Exact Equivalent to a UW-Madison Course

Econ 109: Study Abroad Course in Introductory Economics
Introductory level class with no exact UW-Madison equivalent. The course is unlikely to have any prerequisites. Economics 109 does not fulfill any of the requirements of the Economics major. It will provide Social Science credit.

Econ 309: Study Abroad Course in Intermediate Economics
Intermediate level economics courses with no exact UW-Madison equivalent. The course has introductory microeconomics and/or macroeconomics as prerequisites. It will provide credit as an applied elective in Economics.

Econ 409: Study Abroad Course in Advanced Economics
Advanced level economic courses with no exact UW-Madison equivalent. The course has calculus or intermediate microeconomic theory and/or intermediate macroeconomic theory as prerequisites. It will provide credit as an applied elective in Economics.