Academic Advising

Academic Advising and Drop-In Hours

Summer 2020

During the summer, from May 11th – August 14th, both declared and undeclared students may schedule individual appointments with our academic advisors (Alicia Johanning, Nick Bourke, and Erin Pankow) via Starfish.

Phone: 608-571-4965

Students who are declared in economics can schedule appointments online with Nick Bourke, Alicia Johanning, or Erin Pankow using the Starfish app in MyUW.

  1. Log in to your MyUW
  2. Open the Starfish app (if you do not see it, you can begin by searching for it in MyUW and adding it to your dashboard)
  3. Within the Starfish app, select an economics advisor’s name and find an available date and time.

More help on using Starfish can be found here. If you have any questions or issues, you can email

How To Declare an Economics Major


If you aren’t declared yet, you can run a “What-If ” DARS Report to assess what courses you still need for your major in Economics.  For directions on how to do this, view the following PowerPoint which will guide you through the process: How to Run a What If DARS for Economics

1. Meet the following requirements:

    • Complete at least two economics courses on the UW-Madison campus.
    • Complete 1 calculus course.
    • Earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all completed economics and calculus courses.

2. Complete the online declaration form and sign up for our virtual webinar: “Economics Unveiled: Your New Major”

    • Students are welcomed and encouraged to meet with an economics career advisor as well (Elizabeth Foste or Ilsa May) however, career advisors are not able to meet with you to declare your major

3. Attend the webinar!  Currently scheduled dates are below:

    • August 6, 2020 – Thursday at 11:00 am
    • August 12, 2020 – Wednesday at 9:00 am
    • August 17, 2020 – Monday at 4:00 pm
    • August 21, 2020 – Friday at 12:00 pm


If I passed a course with SD, will it count towards my major declaration requirements?

Yes, in congruence with the UW-Madison Spring 2020 SD (Satisfactory-Disruption) and UD (Unsatisfactory-Disruption) special grading option: SD grade courses will count towards the Economics major declaration requirements, Economics major requirements, and will satisfy future Economics course prerequisites.

UD grades will not count towards any of these requirements.

Example: If a student is currently taking Economics 102 as their second on-campus course to declare, an SD grade will suffice to fulfill our major declaration requirements of ‘two completed courses on campus’

Following campus guidelines on COVID-19, our office is currently closed.  To contact us you may:

  • Email for general questions
  • Schedule an appointment via Starfish with one of our advisors
  • Call our undergraduate program coordinator at 608-571-4965


Question: How many credits is Econ 522?

Answer: All UGRDs must take Econ 522 as 4 CR (the 4th CR is your discussion section) 

Question: Why can I not enroll in Econ 690?

Answer: Econ 690 is a topics course with sections/discussions that change semester to semester. This semester, Fall 2020, all Econ 690s are for Masters Students Only. Right now, there is nothing on the books for an UGRD Econ 690 class. Should changes occur, we will inform you all via email.

Question: Why will it not let me enroll in Econ 306?

Answer: This class, along with Econ 300, 320, and 420 are actually owned by the Wisconsin School of Business; they are merely cross-listed with Economics. Declared Business or Certificate in Business students can enroll first, and non-BBA or certificate students (you) can enroll afterward. Look at each Class Notes section on Course Search and Enroll to identify the date in which you can enroll.

Question: I want to enroll in a Masters class – what do I do?

Answer: You need permission from the instructor (or instructors) of that particular course. You should email that approval to both EconAdvise and Tchai Veu ( to have your permission entered in the system.  Remember, this is an ASK of the professor, not a guarantee. 

Question: I don’t have credit for Econ 310, but I have a substitute class. What do I do to get into a class that requires Econ 310 as a pre-req?

Answer: You must contact an economics advisor ( to obtain permission to enroll in such a course. You must specify your campus ID number, class lecture and preferred discussion section too. A permission into a class in this case is NOT a guarantee of enrollment. 

Question: On the course search and enroll app it says that Econ 521 and 464 are intermediate level classes, but on the guide, DARS, and the Econ website,  it lists them as Advanced. What is this?

Answer: the Course Search and Enroll App listing for intermediate and advanced level is NOT the same as the Advanced Economics Electives! One is an L&S categorization tool and another is the requirement for the major. If you are looking for an Advanced Economics Elective use your DARS as your only guide!   Econ 464 and 521 ARE Advanced Economics Electives. 

For a full listing of our advanced electives, please see this page:

Question: When I apply to graduate it doesn’t list Economics as my major. Why?!

Answer: There could be 2 reasons here. 1) You didn’t declare Economics as your major OR 2) your other major is outside of the College of Letters and Science (example: if you are majoring in finance and economics you will only see finance. Finance is in the WSoB and, as such, your home school where you are earning your degree from. Additionally, you will NOT see your certificates listed under your application for graduation. 

Question: What is the drop deadline for Summer 2020?

Answer: all deadline and timeline information can be found here:


Question: I need permission into a class because I do not meet the pre-requisite (certain class, honors only, instructor consent, or related). How do I get such a permission?

Answer: the best thing you can do is email with your campus ID number and situation. From here, an advisor will either give you a permission or inform you of the next steps to take before a permission can, or could, be given. Remember, this is just a permission to enroll in the course. YOU (student) must enroll in the course through Course Search and Enroll, like with any other course. A permission may not guarantee you a spot into a course.