Danny Edgel

Credentials: Pronouns: he/him/his

Position title: Ph.D. student

Email: edgel@wisc.edu

Website: Danny Edgel's website

6473 Social Science

I’m a third-year student originally from rural Washington State (Republic, WA). I studied Economics at Western Washington University for my BA and at the University of Toronto for my MA. I worked as an RA at the Richmond Fed’s Baltimore branch for a few years before entering the PhD program. I’m interested in Industrial Organization and Urban Economics. Feel free to ask me any questions, but I can speak personally to the experiences of being a TA and/or RA in your first year; transitioning to the program after working for a few years; and moving to Madison with a dog and/or a partner and/or as an avid runner. I’m also involved in the department’s diversity and inclusion graduate student organization and will happily answer any related questions related to the department or my experiences.