Teaching Assistants

This page contains resources for teaching assistants in the Department of Economics.

Campus Resources
CANVAS support: https://canvasinfo.wisc.edu/

Classrooms with technology/podium (getting a pass code and key): http://av.fpm.wisc.edu/passcodes.htm

FERPA (student privacy rights): https://registrar.wisc.edu/resources_and_consultation.htm

Learn at UW: https://kb.wisc.edu/luwmad/ and https://learnuw.wisc.edu/

L&S Learning Support Services (can check-out classroom technology): http://lss.wisc.edu/

McBurney Disability Resource Center: http://mcburney.wisc.edu/

SPEAK Test and International TA Training: http://www.english.wisc.edu/esl/international-teaching-assistants.htmhttp://www.english.wisc.edu/esl/speak.htm

Testing and Evaluation (Scantrons): https://testing.wisc.edu/

Staff in the Department of Economics

Payroll and Benefits questions: Payroll Specialist (Vicki Fugate), 7406 SS, vfugate@wisc.edu, 265-3555

Class rooms/reservations, Course Evaluations: Undergraduate Coordinator, 7238 SS, econadvise@ssc.wisc.edu, 262-6925

Photocopying, TA packets, supplies, AV equipment: Faculty Services Office (Julie Anderson), 7470 SS, julie.anderson@wisc.edu, 263-2989

TA assignments, Evaluations, TA training, English proficiency: Graduate Advisor (Kim Grocholski), 7235 SS, kim.grocholski@wisc.edu, 262-3285

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

TA Handbook