Our STEM-designated master's program prepares students for high-level professional careers or further study for a Ph.D.

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Program Overview

The Wisconsin Economics master’s program offers a terminal graduate degree that prepares students for high-level professional careers in government and industry or further study for the Ph.D. degree.

The Wisconsin Economics master’s program emphasizes econometric training more than similar programs at other universities. Today’s job market and Ph.D. programs in economics require strong quantitative skills along with a command of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. Wisconsin’s tradition of supporting economic theory with quantitative methods is well suited to these requirements.

Our master’s program is administered and taught by the same faculty members as our undergraduate and Ph.D. programs.

Our master’s program is well suited for:

  • students who want to prepare for a career where advanced economics training is required or beneficial but the Ph.D. is not required, or
  • students with little prior formal training in economics who want to prepare for admission to a Ph.D. program in economics or a related field, or
  • students whose undergraduate training in economics is from an institution that is not well known by U.S. employers or Ph.D. programs at U.S. universities.

“The program essentially built the relationship I have with my current company, and gave me the opportunity to interview and land an amazing job. I was not qualified analytically prior to this year to get a job in analytics consulting, but now I am definitely more than qualified with the tools I have learned over the past year.”

Bucky Badger (MS ’21)

Contact Our Program Manager

Tchai Veu

Master’s Program Manager , Graduate Foundations



7317 Social Science
1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706

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All application materials for MSGF Fall Term Admission must be submitted no later than March 1, 2023.

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Advising Information

We have dedicated staff to ensure student academic and career success. Student have access to the Economic Career Development Office with two career advisors and the academic program manager for the MSGF program.