Contact Current Students

Adibah Abdulhadi – I am a fifth-year student from Malaysia. I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. Before coming to Madison, I worked for a few years at a research institute in Kuala Lumpur. My area of interest is public economics with a focus on disability insurance. Please feel free to ask me any questions (e.g., classes, TA and RA work, housing arrangements, weather) and I’ll try my best to answer!

Garrett Anstreicher – I am a fourth year student and hail from Iowa City, Iowa. I studied English and Economics at Williams College and did RA work for faculty at Michigan for two years before joining the program here. I research issues of geographic and socioeconomic mobility, and I live a bit to the west of the department with my wife and cat. I’m more than happy to answer any questions about my experience in the program thus far, life in Madison, and finding balance while pursuing a doctorate in the married life.

Duong Dang – Hello there! I am a second year student from Vietnam. I did my undergrad at the Australian National University before coming to UW. My research interests are in macroeconomics. I’d be keen to answer any questions about my experiences in the program so far.

Sharada Dharmasankar –  I’m a third year student from the great city of Aurora, Illinois. After finishing my undergraduate studies in economics and in English at the University of Chicago, I spent a few years in consulting before working as an RA at the Chicago Fed. My research interests are in labor and IO. Feel free to reach out to me about being a TA, living in Madison, and about the coursework and program in general!

Danny Edgel – I’m a first-year student originally from rural Washington State. I studied Economics at Western Washington University for my BA and at the University of Toronto for my MA. I worked as an RA at the Richmond Fed’s Baltimore branch for a few years before entering the PhD program. I’m interested in Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, and Urban Economics. Feel free to ask me any questions, but I can speak personally to the experiences of being a TA; transitioning to the program after working for a few years; and moving to Madison with a dog and/or a partner and/or as an avid runner.

Sam Engle – I am a fifth-year student from Beaverton, Oregon. My area of concentration is econometric theory, with a particular focus on hypothesis testing.  I majored in Math and Economics as an undergraduate, and completed a Masters in Statistics before joining the PhD program here in Madison.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about the PhD program (especially the first year!), being a TA/PA/RA, or any general questions you may have about living here in Madison.

Greg Kirwin – I’m a second-year student from Philadelphia. Prior to UW, I was an economics/math major at William & Mary, worked on antitrust at the Federal Trade Commission, and earned a master’s in applied mathematics from Northwestern. My main interests are in industrial organization and applications of numerical methods to economics. Feel free to ask me about teaching in your first year, finding housing, or anything else.

Giselle Labrador Badía – Hi, I am a first-year doctoral student from Cuba. I majored in computer science and math at the University of Havana. Prior to UW-Madison, I was living in Mexico City, earning my master’s degree in economics. I’m primarily interested in applied micro, especially IO and information economics. I would be glad to answer any question you have.

Hyunkyoeng Lim – Hi! I’m Hyunkyeong (or just Hyun) and I’m a second year student originally coming from Seoul, South Korea. I am mostly interested in Labor/Public, especially the geographical sorting of workers and its implication on the economy. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the coursework, life in Madison (like housing, groceries, etc.) and the program in general!

April Meehl – Hi! I am a third year student in the joint economics and finance program. I grew up in Erie, PA and studied statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. I then worked for two years as a research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. My research interests are at the intersections of macroeconomics, finance, and IO, with a specific focus on banking.

Michael Nattinger – Hello! I am a first year student in the joint program in economics and finance. I am a local, having been born and raised in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I went to Grinnell College for my undergrad, and then worked as an RA for the FRBNY for two years before coming to UW for the joint program. My research interests are in macroeconomics, macrofinance, asset pricing, machine learning, and financial econometrics. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the joint program, the first year courses and transitioning to graduate studies, surviving the Wisconsin winter, or anything else!

Minseon Park –I’m a fourth-year student from Korea. I studied Education and Economics in undergrad and Economics for a master’s degree. I also worked for a research institute (KDI) for one year before joining this program. I’m interested in labor, public, and urban economics, especially topics in education. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Mengqi Wang – I am a third-year student from China. I finished my undergrad at Renmin University of China, and my master’s at Peking University before coming to Madison. I am currently interested in international economics and macroeconomics. I would be glad to make new friends and share my experiences here, so if you have any question, feel free to drop me an email at