University of Wisconsin–Madison

Gain Experience

Your experiences and the skills you have gained in college, however, are also very important. Employers and many graduate schools want to see that you have gained experience and been involved in the community while pursuing your studies. The transferable skills you gain through part-time jobs, internships, student organizations, and volunteer experiences make you a stronger candidate and gives you a wealth of important life experiences.

There are many ways to acquire skills and experiences that will make you an attractive candidate to potential employers and graduate schools. Below is a list of resources to help you identify opportunities for jobs, internships, volunteering, and more.

BuckyNet. Find positions for internships and part-time positions.

Morgridge Center for Public Service. UW-Madison’s center for public service connects students and academic staff with nonprofits and the community through volunteerism, service-learning and community-based research.

Center for Leadership and Involvement

Student Organization Listing

Research and Internship resources

Volunteer and Service resources

UW-Madison Student Employment

International Internship Program

UW-Madison Student Job Center. The Student Job Center has listings for both on- and off-campus, part-time positions.

Networking. If you are interested in a company and there is no job or internship posted, send them an email offering to help with any open projects they may have. Even five hours per week is a great way to gain experience that can be added to your resume.

UW-Madison Economics LinkedIn Group – Learn about other internship and volunteer locations of current and former students.