Statistics Recommendation for Students Majoring in Economics

All students majoring in economics are required to take Economics 310, Statistics: Measurement in Economics, unless another course is approved by an economics academic advisor. Students planning to pursue graduate studies in economics or those with a strong math background are strongly encouraged to take courses in statistics and related topics beyond the requirements for the economics major. Related, recommended statistics courses include:

  • Statistics 302, Accelerated Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • Statistics 309, Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
  • Statistics 310, Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics II
  • Statistics (Math) 431, Introduction to the Theory of Probability
  • Math 632, Introduction to Stochastic Processes
  • Economics 410, Introductory Econometrics

If you plan to take any statistics courses other than what is required for the major, we encourage you to meet with an economics academic advisor to discuss the best course of study to fit your future plans.

Students in pre-business who are considering economics as an additional major are encouraged to meet with an economics academic advisor to determine whether the statistics course offerings from the economics department or business school best suit your needs.

Similarly, students considering a double major in economics and either statistics or math should consult academic advisors in both departments. Some courses can be counted toward the requirements for both majors, but some course sequences may limit future opportunities, so it is best to consult the advisors prior to enrolling in courses.