Internship Course Credit

Many students pursue an internship as a way to reinforce their academic studies and gain insight into a future career. The Economics Career Development Office can assist you with finding an internship or answer questions you may have. Also, Letters & Science Career Services has information on internships that you should review if you are considering an internship.

If you are an economics major, you may qualify to earn economics course credit for the experience. The internship is recorded as Economics 228, a one (1) credit elementary level course that is graded on a credit / no credit basis. Students should enroll for Econ 228 in the same semester/session in which the internship is granted and will be completed. All enrollments require prior approval by the Department of Economics. You are responsible for securing the internship before applying for the internship course credit.

Prerequisites for enrolling in Econ 228:

  • Declared economics major with a GPA of 2.2 or higher in the major
  • Completed at least four (4) economics classes at UW-Madison
  • Completed at least one (1) intermediate theory class (Economics 301, 311, 302, or 312)

Requirements to Earn Course Credit for an Internship:

  • Submit the internship request form and supporting documentation to the Economics Undergraduate Office.
  • Work as an intern a minimum of 100 hours during the term.

Supporting Documentation by Internship Supervisor and Student

The following documents must be submitted to the Economics Undergraduate Office:

  • A letter from the internship supervisor at the start of the term confirming the internship and indicating the number of hours and duties that will be required.
  • A second letter from the internship supervisor at the end of the term (no later than the last day of scheduled classes) evaluating the intern's performance and outlining the duties performed.
  • A 2-3 page paper describing the relationship of the internship to economics studies. This is due by the last day of the semester in which the internship occurs.

Other Stipulations

  • You will not receive credit for an internship completed while attending another university.
  • You may take Economics 228, the internship course, for a maximum of two semesters and receive a total of two (2) credits, one credit per semester.