Undergraduate Courses

Teaching undergraduates is a major focus and priority of the economics department. At UW-Madison, teaching allows the economics faculty to share their knowledge and passion to the next generations of leaders in the field. Students in the department's top-ranked graduate program also incorporate the teaching of undergraduates as an integral part of their own research and training.

Undergraduate introductory courses typically are larger lectures taught by professors and faculty lecturers, supplemented with discussion sessions led by teaching assistants. As students advance to higher level courses, class sizes become smaller and interaction with professors can be more individualized. Intermediate and advanced courses may also have teaching assistants who specialize in the course's subject matter. Outside of class, professors and teaching assistants are available during regular office hours.

The following courses are offered during the Spring 2017 term. For courses cross-listed with the Economics Department and listings of courses for past or upcoming terms, visit the Registrar's Office schedule of classes.

Fall 2017 Courses

Summer 2017 Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2017 Undergraduate Courses