Juli Plant Grainger Theory Workshops Spring 2017

Fridays at 3:45 p.m.

Room 7324 Sewell Social Science Building unless otherwise noted.

Coordinator: Marzena Rostek

February 24,
Antonio Penta, UW - Madison
"Extensive Form Uncertainty" Joint w/ Peio Zuazo-Garin

March 3
Leeat Yariv, California Institute of Technology
"On Efficiency of Stable Matchings in Large Markets"

March 8 - Wednesday Lunch Seminar (Noon)
Stephan Lauermann, Bonn University
Learning and Price Discovery in a Search Model

March 10
Larry Samuelson, Yale University
"The Implementation Duality"

March 31
Philip Dybvig, Washington University of St. Louis

April 7
Chris Shannon, University of California - Berkeley

April 14
Shengwu Li, Harvard University
"Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms"

April 26 - Wednesday Lunch Seminar (Noon)
Zibo Xu, Singapore University of Technology and Design

April 28
Ben Brooks, University of Chicago
"Informationally Robust Optimal Auction Design"

May 5
Paulo Barelli, University of Rochester
“On the Existence of Equilibria in Bayesian Allocation-Mechanisms”