Student Organizations

Economics Student Association
ESA strives to create opportunities and experiences for our members to nurture their development as leading business professionals. We provide both academic and career support through a variety of events and services: tutoring and study groups, prominent speaker events, networking opportunities, career trips to various employment hubs, and more. We also host social events for members to interact with and get to know people in the UW community who share common interests. ESA serves to be a bridge connecting undergraduate economics majors with professionals, academics, and fellow students with similar interests. This group is open to anyone with an interest in economics.

Global Economic Forum
The GEF is a platform for students of UW-Madison and members of the Madison community to discuss current events and issues that are of vital importance to the global economy and politics. We pledge to offer insightful analysis with a global perspective. Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding of current events and global issues through the lens of economics. Our regular events include global reviews, economic forums, and the annual all-campus Future Conference. Our events are free to attend and open to all who are interested in the topics.

Women in Economics
WE (Women in Economics) strives to establish opportunities, ensure gender equality, and promote the growth and success of aspiring females in the field of economics. WE works to alleviate gender disparities and barriers within economics for women and to educate and improve the community through outreach, mentorship, and by facilitating conversations among women in the field at all levels. WE is open to any actively enrolled student engaged in the study of economics at UW-Madison, at either the undergraduate or graduate level.