Joseph Krislov Labor Workshops Spring 2017

Mondays at 3:45 p.m.

Room 7324 of the Sewell Social Science Building unless otherwise noted.

Coordinator: James Walker

March 6
Shanke Zhao, University of Wisconsin

March 13
Nicholas Papageorge, Johns Hopkins University

**CANCELLED** March 15
Russell Cooper, Penn State University 
Juli Plant Grainger Visitor

March 27
Laura Pilossoph, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

April 3
Kurt Lavetti, Ohio State University
"Estimating Compensating Wage Differentials with Endogenous Job Mobility"

April 17
Enghin Atalay, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“The Evolving U.S. Occupational Structure: A Textual Analysis”

**CANCELLED** April 24
Elena Pastorino, University of Minnesota

May 1
Guido Menzio, University of Pennsylvania
Juli Plant Grainger Visitor