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Tuition and fees payment deadlines

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Scholarship Checks - Sent Directly To The Student or to the Bursar’s Office

When a Third Party Sponsor is paying a portion or all of a student's tuition and fee charges, the charges are deferred from the student's Tuition and Fee Student Account to the third party sponsor's account, and the sponsor is billed for the charges.

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Incoming Students

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Orientation and Welcome for new PhD students

New Graduate Student Checklist: What Do I Do Now?

Graduate Student Life guide

Personal Web Page Resources

My WebSpace provides 1GB of central storage for each student to store files and post personal web pages. Use this space to publish a personal home page and to store important files such as homework, notes, papers, theses, dissertations, and graphic images. Retrieve and store files from any computer with Internet access.

The Knowledge Base from DoIT’s help desk is another source for web pages articles and tutorials. Free training is available to UW-Madison students from Software Training for Students. Classes vary from basic desktop applications to advanced Web design and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Pick up a training schedule at computer labs, libraries, and the DoIT Tech Store. Call (608) 265-4615 or (608) 265-6699, email STS or check for more information.

The SSCC Knowledge Base (formerly known as the SSCC Publication Collection) is your primary source of information about using SSCC resources and statistical computing in general. There are some articles about publishing material on the World Wide Web available at, including a tutorial for using Dreamweaver.

WordPress, is what SSCC encourage users to use for website creation, as it's simple yet robust and no software is needed.

SSCC does not host websites for Econ students that do not have full member accounts (you need to be on dissertator status or a PA to get full access). However you are welcome to attend training sessions.  If you have any questions regarding your web page, the SSCC’s staff can also assist with that to some degree. 

If you  would like your personal webpage to be linked to your name on the Current Student Directory please contact the Grad Advisor or the Grad Program Coordinator.

Students on the Job Market

Deadlines and Guidelines

Important Deadlines

Job Market Overview

Ingredients for a successful job search

Job Market Seminar

Seminar Slides

Job Market Interviews

Job Market Fly-Outs


Summary List Template
Summary List Template (cellphone)

The links above are Microsoft Word templates (.doc) file. Save the file as a .doc file when you have added your summary list details. Send the completed .doc file to Jackie ( as an email attachment. This file should be a one-page document and is due October 1. The template seems to be downloadable only when using Internet Explorer.

The Templates are set for Times New Roman. Do not change this setting.
When typing in lists of items for "Degrees", "References", and "Papers", hit "enter" to finish one item, then "tab" to start new item. This will keep the correct format for the summary.

Also send copy of your abstract (one page limit) to Jackie ( as an email attachment. The abstract is also due October 1. Do not add header University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Economics The header will be added for the summary list which will be posted on the Placement website.

If you need more guidelines you can refer to past summary list for examples:

2010 Job Market Candidates CV and Abstract

2009 Job Market Candidates CV and Abstract

2008 Job Market Candidates CV and Abstract

2007 Job Market Candidates CV and Abstract

Sample for cover letters for research school, government job, teaching school applications and confirmation letter.

The UW's Writing Center does have resources tailored to graduate students on the job market. Every semester they offer some job market related workshops. Additional workshops that may be of interest to you can be found here:

The Graduate School also has resources available here:

Return Address Labels

Avery 5160 Return Address Labels

Avery 5260 Return Address Labels

Job Market links

AEA Annual Meeting

Economics Research Network

JOE Signal

Job Openings for Economists (JOE)

Job Openings at

Econ Job Market

NBER - Job Market Candidates

Articles of interest for students on the Job Market:

Mike Conlin and Stacy Dickert - Preparing for the Job Market (1995)

Stock, Wendy A., T. Aldrich Finegan, and John J. Siegfried, Completing an Economics PhD in Five Years, May 2009.

Cawley, John, A Guide (and Advice) for Economists on the U. S. Junior Academic Job Market, October, 2009.

Wendy A. Stock, T. Aldrich Finegan, and John J. Siegfried, Attrition in Economics Ph.D. Programs, May 2006.

Wendy A. Stock and John J. Siegfried, Time-to-Degree for the Economics Ph.D. Class of 2001–2002, May 2006.

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