The Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a doctoral and masters program. The department offers seven fields of study and the doctoral program is designed to be completed in five years. The majority of students finish the program in five years.  It is not uncommon, however, for students to complete the program in six years.

After graduation our students successively apply the knowledge and skills gained in our program to a wide range of economic problems in a broad array of institutional settings. Our success in this is evidenced by our strong national reputation and our placement record.


Admission requirements include a bachelor's degree, which must be completed before entering the program. You do not need to have a Bachelor's Degree in Economics to received admission to the program. Applicants have Bachelor's Degrees in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and other disciplines.

Mathematics preparation should include multivariate calculus, elementary probability, and regression analysis. Graduate work in economics demands mathematical sophistication of a higher order than the requirements of most U.S. undergraduate economics programs would suggest. Students entering the graduate program are required to have taken a three-course sequence in calculus, a course in linear algebra, and a course in mathematical statistics. These prerequisites are a bare minimum, and additional background in mathematics and in graduate-level economics courses can ease the transition into the program.  A detailed description of the department's expectations about students' mathematics preparation, both upon entry to the program and upon completion of first-year coursework, can be found on the Math Requirements for Incoming Graduate Students page.


Tuition and fee information is available on-line at the UW Office of the Registrar web page.  Students employed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison at least one-third time as a project assistant or a teaching assistant receive a tuition waiver, a stipend, and health benefits. 


The admission to the doctoral program in Economics is a shared process at UW-Madison. The admissions and aid committee at the Department of Economics will evaluate your application and make a recommendation to the Graduate School regarding admission. For more detailed information on where to send or submit each part of the application, visit the Application checklist page.

The Economics program's admission committee will inform you of their decision in March.

When applicants receive an admission packet from the Economics Department indicating that they have been recommended for admissions, this recommendation does NOT mean that they have been fully admitted. The applicant will have to finish the last steps of the admission process with the Graduate school. The Economics Admission and Aid Committee will forward admissions recommendations to the Graduate School with supporting materials. The Graduate School's Office of Admissions and Academic Services will review the application and materials to ensure that the Graduate School minimum requirements are met (including financial support requirements for International Students).

For all the above, it is very important for applicants to continue monitoring their admission progress. For this purpose, each applicant has his/her own personalized web address in OASIS (online application information system). 


All paid applications from both domestic and international students received by December 5th will be considered for funding if official transcripts are also received by December 5th. Funding is awarded to applicants on a competitive basis. For detailed information on department and University Fellowship information, please see our funding web page.


More information is available at the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) web page.  If you have additional questions, please contact us:  Department of Economics, 7239 Social Sciences, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706, (608) 262-3559,

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