The Department of Economics Doctoral Program

The doctoral program in economics offers a firm grounding in the theory and tools of economics as well as in a variety of fields of specialization. Facilities within the department include faculty and student offices, a library of core materials, and a computer center. The size of the department, the breadth of specialties represented among the faculty, the abundance of research workshops, research facilities, and the related programs of other university departments combine to provide an unusually supportive atmosphere for study and research. Students are encouraged to work together; study groups for course work and preliminary examinations are standard. All students are assigned desk space. The department and students sponsor social events throughout the year. A graduate advisor is on staff to help students with problems and questions.

The goal of the Economics Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin is fundamental and simple: To train top notch economists. Graduates of our program are fully prepared to undertake advanced research in economic theory, econometrics, and applied branches of economics. Our graduates successively apply the knowledge and skills gained in our program to a wide range of economic problems in a broad array of institutional settings. Our success in this is evidenced by our strong national reputation and our placement record. We accomplish this by maintaining a comprehensive and challenging program combining coursework, examinations, seminars, and independent research, which all culminates in the completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation.

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