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Job Opening for Institute/Center Administrator

  • Date: April 20, 2017

The Department of Economics has a position vacancy for a university relations specialist. The Department has a brand new economics institute and center that needs your administrative, website, social media and communication skills to help create these two entities.

For a complete position description and to apply, click here. The application deadline is May 27, 2017.

Position Summary:

This position is split between two entities that are dedicated to enhancing the intellectual departmental environment as well as producing sound research dedicated to the state of Wisconsin's economy. Both entities will provide additional learning opportunities and professional experiences for the department's undergraduate and graduate students. The Juli Plant Grainger Institute for Economics Research (JPGI)'s mission is to create a hub of excellence around some of the very best students, faculty members and national leaders in the field. The JPGI will create an environment for research and teaching that will enhance the role of Department of Economics as one of the leading institutions in the world. The Center for Research on Wisconsin Economy (CROWE)'s goal will be to support research to better understand the economic outcomes and the impacts of policies at the state-level, and provide a bridge which will make this economic research accessible to policymakers, businesses, and community groups in Wisconsin and around the nation. This position will work closely with both the Director of the JPGI and the Director of CROWE.